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The Tucker Max Stories

Tucker Max Punks Celebs, Gets Banned

I’m doing promotions for my new book Hilarity Ensues. Some of them are working well, like giving the ebook of Sloppy Seconds away for free, and some of them didn’t work, like this little stunt:

Ryan Holiday suggested I check out Sponsored Tweets, where anyone can pay a celebrity to endorse a product on their Twitter account. You mean I can pay idiot reality stars to tweet anything I want! I’m in. That’s the point of reality stars, to embarrass and humiliate themselves for our pleasure, right?

I started buying tweets from all sorts of celebs. I didn’t really think anything of it…and then all hell broke loose. You may have read the Forbes article that came out about this yesterday, that describes what I did, and how it got me permanently banned from ever buying sponsored tweets again. But that article didn’t tell the whole story, and it didn’t show the worst/funniest tweets that actually got me banned. So I put them up here:



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