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The Tucker Max Stories

The Bet (how TuckerMax.com got started)

TuckerMax.com originally started kind of by accident, as a bet between me and some friends.

A few days after I ended another in the seemingly endless three week relationships I have with the seemingly endless stream of girls I meet, my friend Amy and I were discussing how I should procure another of these said relationships. Amy had recently been browsing the Internet (looking for lesbian donkey porn, no doubt) and came across a page where a girl put up an application that guys could fill out to go out on a date with her. She suggested I put up a site just like it. She called me out. Dared me to put one up. Said I didn’t have the sack to do such a thing. Questioned the very essence of my existence.

So of course I put it up. And it was hilarious, and my friends even made me hook-up with a girl I met off the site (that story is in I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, the fat girl story). That was 2000, long before MySpace or Facebook or Twitter, really even before Match.com and PlentyofFish.com and sites like that made online dating the norm. I ended up taking it down when we are went to work our legal jobs during the summer of 2000.

Then I got fired that summer from my law firm job, graduated from law school, and went to work for my father in Florida. I ended getting fired from that job as well–seriously, my own dad fired me from the family business–and I moved to Chicago and decided to write full time. In September of 2002, I put my website  back up, but this time, instead of focusing on the Date Application Page I’d had up in law school, I put up all the funny emails I had written to my friends about all the dumb shit I did after law school. The first story I put up? The Sushi Pants Story, which was a verbatim email I’d sent to my friends.

I kept writing and posting the emails I sent my friends about all the stupid shit I was doing, which eventually blew the website up, and became my first book, and here we are.

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