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The Deadliest Vacation

To the point: I am going to be in Anchorage, Alaska on January 6th, for one night only, and I’m throwing a party for some friends of mine, and all my fans in the area are invited as well.

So why the fuck am I going to be in Anchorage? And why only one night? Well, it’s a stopover point to my final destination:

The city of Unalaska, out on the Aleutian Islands. Which is the home to Dutch Harbor. Which is where they film one of my favorite TV shows, The Deadliest Catch. And where I will be spending a week, during crab season, hanging out with the crew of the Time Bandit.

How the fuck did I become good enough friends with Jonathan Hilstrand, Mike Fourtner et al, that they invited me and my friends to come hang out with them in Dutch Harbor and ride around on the Time Bandit during crab season? It’s a really good story…but I’m saving it for the next book. Assuming I make it back alive, of course.

To the point: If you are in Anchorage feel free to come out and meet me, the entire Time Bandit crew, as well as Drew Curtis (who runs Fark.com), and my friends Nils and Bunny.

When: Thursday January 6th, starting around 8pm and going to whenever
Where: Chilkoot Charlies [2435 Spenard, Anchorage AK]
Attending: Tucker Max, the crew of the Time Bandit, Drew Curtis, Nils Parker, and Bunny.
Who’s invited: Everyone

[BTW–This post is not a fucking joke at all, not in the least bit. If you don’t believe me, email Brad Erickson (berickson@usinternet.com), the morning show DJ at KFAT 92.9, he set the whole party up (and he’ll be there), he’ll confirm it for you.]