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“Hilarity Ensues” & “Sloppy Seconds” wrap-up news

So Hilarity Ensues and Sloppy Seconds have been out two weeks. The basic wrap-up:

Hilarity Ensues My Best Debut Ever: IHTSBIH debuted at #24 on the NY Times Best Seller list (hit #1 like three years later), AFF debuted at #3, and Hilarity Ensues beat them all by debuting at #2. Pretty cool that my last fratire book had the best debut of all of them.

Last Fratire Books: Yes, you read that right, I’m done writing fratire. I talk about this at the end of Hilarity Ensues, or you can read about it here.

Sloppy Seconds #1 Free Download: In case you don’t know, I also released another book at the same time, Sloppy Seconds, and I gave it away for free. It became the #1 free download on iBooks and Kindle, and did something crazy like 100k downloads the first week. It’s free as a thank you to my fans for supporting me, and as a way for non-fans to get an introduction to my work, so go check it out. And yes, you can still buy a hardcover, signed here or on Amazon.

Signed books: Since I didn’t do a book tour this time, some people asked about getting their books signed. Two ways; 1. You can order signed books here, and yes, you can get them personalized if you want, or 2. You can send a book you’ve already bought to me to get signed and returned, instructions here.

Audiobooks: Audible has had some issues with getting the audiobooks up. They were supposed to be up last week, then this week, then yesterday. I don’t know. Everything should be ready to do, just keep checking Amazon and iTunes, they’ll be up any day. Sorry about this, nothing else I can do. [And those of you supposed to get the audiobooks for free have to wait until they are up first.]

Phone number: If you haven’t read Hilarity Ensues yet, you won’t understand this, but yes, that number all of you keep texting and calling asking if its really me…is REALLY me. I may respond or I may not, but it’s me.

Press: Just a recap of some of the interesting press, some of it was pretty funny:

-This was a fun game I played with idiot celebs on Twitter that got a ton of attention

This is the best review I’ve ever read of my work. This dude gets it.

-Another review, by a woman, who really gets it as well

-This is a pretty standard interview, but these guys got me to say, “there’s always the taint of douche on you when you attend Duke, it’s inevitable.”

-An interview I did with xoJane that led to the supposedly accepting, tolerant readers of the site viciously attacking the girl who interviewed me; always comical to see hypocrisy played out in real time

-This is the big retirement piece I did on Forbes that got all kinds of attention, but I would read the one I wrote on my site first