Hilarity Ensues In Stores

Order now on AmazonB&N, and iBooks.

Download Sloppy Seconds free on iBooks and Kindle. Full details here.


“Hilarity Ensues” in stores, “Sloppy Seconds” is FREE

1. “Hilarity Ensues” is out in stores:

Release day is finally here. Hilarity Ensues is out in stores and online. Buy it in any of these places right now:

Barnes & Noble
Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble Nook
Apple iBooks

2. “Sloppy Seconds” is also out, and it’s FREE:

Like I said, I have  TWO books out today. Awesome, right? I also promised I’d have a really cool announcement for release day about Sloppy Seconds:

I am giving Sloppy Seconds: The Tucker Max Leftovers away for FREE. 

Totally serious. I’m making the ebook for Sloppy Seconds free. To everyone. No DRM, no tricks, no bullshit, just free. You can download it, right now, for free:

Amazon Kindle
Apple iBooks
PDF (available next week as a DRM-free PDF for download)

[NOTE: It’s not on the Nook because Barnes & Noble wouldn’t let us give it away to fans for free, whereas Amazon and Apple did. I refused to charge Nook fans and not other fans, so I just kept it off. If B&N sees the error of their ways, I’ll gladly give it away on Nook as well.]

Why am I giving a book away for free?

This made sense for a lot of reasons. Some were about marketing, but basically, it comes down to this:

I’ve sold millions of books because of the support of my fans, so I felt like I should give something back to them. What could they possibly want more than a free book of stories? So thats my gift to you, as a thank you for supporting me and buying my other three books.

Now you understand why I didn’t make Sloppy Seconds available for pre-order–I had to wait until release day to announce this (publisher insisted), but I didn’t want anyone spending money on the book until they knew they could get the ebook version for free.

I also want to be clear about one thing:

ONLY the ebook is free. Not the physical book, which you can buy here or at Amazon, and the audiobook, which is released next week for sale. If you want either of those, you have to pay for them. But regardless, the ebook is free now and will stay free FOREVER.

3. Still more free stuff coming:

This is not the end of the free stuff I’m giving away. I am going to have a really cool giveaway that I will announce tomorrow, so go read the two new books today and come back tomorrow to hear about that.

[Side note: This is a really funny news report about some of the press things I am doing for the release. Wait until I post the whole list of things I tried to get celebs to say, its awesome.]