Hilarity Ensues In Stores

Order now on AmazonB&N, and iBooks.

Download Sloppy Seconds free on iBooks and Kindle. Full details here.


Audiobooks and “Sloppy Seconds” PDF

Two big things people have been asking for are now out: Hilarity Ensues Audiobook (Audible and iTunes) Sloppy Seconds Audiobook (Audible and iTunes) Sloppy Seconds free PDF And now finally, Sloppy Seconds is free on the Nook (You can also still get it free on Kindle and iBooks)  

“Hilarity Ensues” & “Sloppy Seconds” wrap-up news

So Hilarity Ensues and Sloppy Seconds have been out two weeks. The basic wrap-up: Hilarity Ensues My Best Debut Ever: IHTSBIH debuted at #24 on the NY Times Best Seller list (hit #1 like three years later), AFF debuted at #3, and Hilarity Ensues beat them all by debuting at #2. Pretty cool that my […]

“Hilarity Ensues” in stores, “Sloppy Seconds” is FREE

1. “Hilarity Ensues” is out in stores: Release day is finally here. Hilarity Ensues is out in stores and online. Buy it in any of these places right now: Amazon Barnes & Noble Amazon Kindle Barnes & Noble Nook Apple iBooks 2. “Sloppy Seconds” is also out, and it’s FREE: Like I said, I have  TWO […]

Assholes Finish First out in paperback

Assholes Finish First is out in paperback release today, order from Amazon or B&N. Or if you want to buy a signed copy, go to my store and order one. And in case you missed the previous announcement about my next two books: My third book, Hilarity Ensues, will be released February 7th, 2012 [Pre-order from Amazon or B&N] On […]

Hilarity Ensues Release Info

What you’ve all been waiting for: The Hilarity Ensues release date is February 7th, 2012 [Pre-order from Amazon or B&N] I was shooting for late 2011, but my publisher decided that they wanted the Assholes Finish First paperback release in the fall, which pushed the Hilarity Ensues release back. Sorry, that’s the way it goes. […]

The Deadliest Vacation

To the point: I am going to be in Anchorage, Alaska on January 6th, for one night only, and I’m throwing a party for some friends of mine, and all my fans in the area are invited as well. So why the fuck am I going to be in Anchorage? And why only one night? […]

The “Assholes Finish First” Book Tour Wrap-Up

Thanks: First off, I just want to thank everyone who came out to the signings, you guys were awesome and I appreciate everyone who came out (with the exception of the five morons). How to get a signed copy of AFF: If you want a signed copy of “Assholes Finish First” but couldn’t make it […]

Assholes Finish First book/tour update

First off, I want to thank all my fans for their support. I say this all the time and I mean it: I may be an asshole, but I love my fans, because without all of you, I couldn’t do this. So thanks again for your amazing support. Fan response: One week into the release […]

“Assholes Finish First” in stores

1. Buy the book: My new book “Assholes Finish First” is now available for purchase at any local book store, or get it online from these places: –Amazon –Borders –Barnes & Noble –Powells It is available in all other formats too, e.g., audio book, Kindle, Nook, iBooks, etc, all listed on those links. 2. Book […]

Details about “Assholes Finish First”

Last week I turned in the final draft of Assholes Finish First to my publisher (pre-order it here), and after copy editing and layout, it’s off to the printer. Everything is set to go for the September 28th release. To answer a few of the questions I’ve been getting:

“Assholes Finish First” release information

So, the day many of you have been waiting for, the official announcement of my next book. The press release: