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Other Tucker Writing

What It’s Like to Play Basketball With Obama

First, let me explain how I even knew Barack Obama…

The Tucker Max Retirement

The Tucker Max Retirement from fratire is explained and expounded upon.

Why You Shouldn’t Go To Law School

I get this question so much, I did a long piece about it, on my new advice blog.

Pass the Beer: In Defense of “Fratire”

I was asked by the Huffington Post to write a piece about Fratire.

The Tucker Max Reading List

People always ask me what I read, so I put a small list together.

How Tucker Max Got Rejected by Publishing and Still Hit #1 New York Times

This is the marketing piece I did for Tim Ferriss.

The Miss Vermont Files

All the various files from The Miss Vermont Story in the book “Hilarity Ensues”

Tucker Max Guide on How to Score

Something I wrote for Hustler Magazine

Getting books signed

How to get Tucker to sign a book you already bought